Lepsi organic honey in a linden barrel, 1 kg

A daily burst of energy.
  • Nectar from rare plants from the most remote corners of pristine nature.
  • High content of vitamins, organic acids and minerals needed by humans.
  • Strengthening the immune system.
  1. Fast delivery across Kazakhstan

Packaging: Barrels;

Weight: 1 kg;

What customers say

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I am a connoisseur of quality and natural products. I have tried all kinds of honey, but Lepsin honey pleased me with its quality and flavor. A spoonful of this honey a day definitely improves immunity. Tried it on myself. And that is why Lepsin honey takes its place of honor on our table. Thank you for the quality, for a very tasty мед👍🏻.
Honey is gorgeous! Especially with your tea, just 🔝
It's not sugary, the color is very beautiful! And it's convenient that it's in a small container to take with you! 🔥
Your honey is the best, how many I gave it to my acquaintances, friends, relatives, everyone speaks about it with delight and ask where to buy it! It is so delicious with a pleasant aroma and flavor that just can not convey words! Thank you very much for your wonderful honey!
In our time, the time of fakes, artificiality, natural products are very rare! Lepsin Honey has proven itself, for several years, as the most natural and high quality product! I also want to note the approach, you can take for yourself in a simpler package, and as a gift! 🎁 Рекомендую👍🏻 and be healthy!
As for Lepsa honey, here is my opinion about this heavenly product!

First of all, I would like to note the first thing I saw when I received this honey as a gift was the aesthetics of the packaging. Jars made of natural linden immediately lead you to the fact that the honey is natural and high quality, there are no impurities in it, and the manufacturer is interested in quality control and stability of taste, which is not a little important, because getting used to a certain flavor, you want stability in the future.

Secondly, opening this small barrel of natural lime, a pleasant amber color of honey and its soft consistency catches the eye. The latter is very convenient for gourmet tea drinkers, as the honey is not too viscous and not too liquid - it is convenient to bring it to the mug on a teaspoon 😁

And thirdly, the most important thing is the taste of honey, before meeting with Lepsin honey, I personally would not call myself a honey eater, to be honest, I did not really complain about it at all. But after trying this product, given to me by my friend, I became an honest and loyal consumer of this divine essence! Now I clearly monitor the presence of stocks of honey of this brand in my home!!!

Corporation Gersu I do not know anything special about you, what you built or produced there, but only for Lepsin honey I began to respect you. Respect!
Our whole family adores honey as a natural and healthy treat. Finally we found it "Lepsin honey", without any doubt a hundred percent natural product. The honey is very much to our liking. Just mesmerizing smell and taste of linden honey. Thank you for selling a quality product, just super, we recommend it to everyone.
The best honey I've ever tasted. Before, I couldn't tell the difference. But after the first purchase I realized that your honey is the best . It's the aftertaste that lingers 😋
What I bought before was mostly sugary, yours no matter how long it stayed just delight . Now our tea party is not without your honey .
P.s. My husband is a connoisseur of honey, knows a lot about it. And to date urges to buy only yours 🌸
Thank you and I wish you success.
By the way I would like to mention your tea 😍 ☺️ it is amazing 🔥
I have been buying Lepsin honey for a year now! It is the most delicious, healthy and 100% natural! The company that produces this valuable product has an Organic certificate, which is not easy to obtain these days!
My family appreciated the quality and flavor, especially our children! And no matter how much they ate it, never once had an allergic reaction, and we all know that honey is the strongest allergen! So we heartily and wholeheartedly recommend Lepsinsky honey!!!
We wish the producers to prosper and not stop pleasing us with this wonderful product!
Be healthy and buy only quality honey!
All the best to you! 🐝🐝🐝🐝
Delicious honey. Delicate, delicate flavor. It is a pleasure to consume. Homogeneous, soft structure, no crystals. The smell is fragrant, floral. The same floral aftertaste. There is a desire to try all the honey of this company. I recommend to order, packed well, in a box. Came in one piece) original label, simple, no frills).
I buy honey for a long time, earlier in the store, but now I saw on the site! very profitable! I buy for gifts, ahead of a lot of holidays, and I have a lot of relatives and loved ones! I will make gifts for the holidays, and put tasty, and most importantly useful "thing"! my family will like it and I feel good! thank you Lepsi Honey

the benefits of honey

High mountain level:
Honey has a unique taste and aroma thanks to rare flowers and herbs that grow at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.
Variety of herbs:
More than 1453 species of medicinal plants and flowers grow in Lepsinsk, some of which are included in the Red Book.
Bottling process:
The gentle process of honey decrystallization without the use of high temperatures preserves all the beneficial properties of honey in pristine condition.
100% organic product with no added sugar, syrup, preservatives or coloring.
Caring for the health of bees and consumers:
We treat our bees without the use of antibiotics.
Quality Control:
We have our own laboratory, which guarantees high standards and purity testing.

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